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Berry Good Coffee Scrub

Berry Good Coffee Scrub

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Say hello to your secret weapon!

Our Coffee Scrubs will leave your skin feeling soft, fresh, moisturised, tight, toned, glowing and rejuvenated! Regular exfoliation is not enough, our Coffee Scrubs are packed with Vitamin E Oil and Coconut Oil which will nourish your skin keeping it looking tight, toned, glowy and rejuvenated whilst improving the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, scars, lumps or bumps whilst evening skin tone and texture.

We recommend scrubbing once a week and when paired with dry brushing you will be feeling tight and toned in no time! You can purchase your very own dry brush here

How to and when to scrub? Scrub weekly (or whenever you get the chance) before your shower and follow the below steps;
Step 1: Get Naked
Step 2: Get in the shower (this may get messy!)
Step 3: Wet your skin
Step 4: Apply the scrub in circular motions all over your body, you can spend extra time on areas with blemishes, cellulite, stretch marks etc. You may also use it on your face if you wish!
Step 5: Leave it on for a few minutes to work its magic
Step 6: Rinse and pat dry - voila you're siiiilllkkkyy and smooth