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Cellulite Removal

How does it work?
Many of us have stubborn areas of cellulite that we cannot seem to shift no matter the amount of exercise or dieting. Thankfully, this cellulite removal tool uses suction technology to bring the cellulite to the skins surface. Next we break down the fat using Fat Cavitation and finally we tighten the skin using the RF Skin Tightening to achieve a smooth and toned surface.

Does it hurt?
This is the only treatment that has mild discomfort as the suction tool feels like someone is starting to pinch you, but then they stop. However, the level of suction can be altered to your comfort.

How many treatments will I need?
Results will vary depending on the depth and size of the cellulite therefore, you may need anywhere between 4 to 10 sessions.

What parts of the body can you treat?
This treatment can only be performed on the bum and leg area.