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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening? Tell me more!

Here at Configured Face and Body we can whiten your teeth safely and efficiently. We use 6% Hydrogen Peroxide bleach which is a surface bleach only, meaning it is not strong enough to enter the enamel of the tooth. Therefore, there is no damage to your teeth or teeth enamel.

How long does the treatment go for?
The appointment will run for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes consisting of two 30-minute treatments.


Please note: a strict 'white diet' must be followed 24-48 post treatment. Put simply, you are only able to consume white foods and drinks so unfortunately that means no coffee and no red wine! Full instructions are listed below;

DO'S: consume white foods and drinks eg) water, mineral water, milk, white wine, vodka, gin, chicken, turkey, white fish, white rice, potatoes skin off, white pasta sauce, normal pasta, porridge, coconut and bananas.

DONT'S: do not consume staining for acidic foods and drinks eg) coffee, red wine, beer, cider, cola, lemonade, other fizzy drinks, energy drinks, all coloured fruits and vegetables, coloured pasta sauces, coloured/vegetable pasta alternatives, chocolate, butter and other coloured spreads.