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Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation (Fat Removal)

How does it work?
Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation is the ground-breaking technology that uses low frequency sound waves to target and reduce stubborn unwanted areas of fat. The sound waves apply pressure to the fat cells causing them to drain, this liquid toxin is then filtered through the body’s own lymphatic system naturally.

Does it hurt?
This safe, non-invasive and pain free treatment is exactly that, completely pain free! During the treatment you will hear a frequency feedback sound wave however, is not painful and is proof that the treatment is in fact working.

Who is the treatment suitable for + how many treatments will I need?
Anyone with excess, stubborn unwanted fat is suitable for this treatment. The number of treatments needed varies person to person and will be discussed in your consultation however, anywhere between 6 to 10 treatments is recommended for optimal results.